US Supreme Court Rejects Trump Lawsuit, God Will Take Over This Case - Minggu/13/12/2020
US Supreme Court Rejects Trump Lawsuit, God Will Take Over This Case
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Jerry Massie (Researcher of Political and Public Policy Studies)

All appeal and lawsuit (appeal and lawsuit) Presidential Candidate Donald Trump rejected by the federal court and the Supreme Court (Supreme Court) was blocked and rejected.

I think the new conspiracy this time is the most lawsuits and the biggest high-level conspiracy in the history of the American presidential election.

Democrats who changed the electoral laws in 5 states without involving the Republican-controlled legislature. House of Representative cooking doesn’t work even though Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennyslavania, Georgia from GOP.

So, the other 14 state amendments can sue and the Supreme Court by passing a federal judge. Well, prosecutors led by Attorney General Texas Paxton from 17 states and 106 House of Representative Republicans are suing in the US Supreme Court.

The reason is, these judges are appointed by the Democratic governors for example, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennyslavania and Nevada.

According to Paxton, when non-legislative actors in other countries violate the authority of its ‘Legislative Body’ in that State to hold Presidential elections, they threaten the freedom of, not only of their own citizens, but of every citizen of the United States who letterLegitimate votes in the election – including American citizens – Amicus brief by Missouri and 16 other states supported the Texas lawsuit.

Texas GOP chairman Allen West says SCOTUS pullback may require a new ‘union’ of ‘law-abiding states’

“This decision sets a precedent saying states can violate the US Constitution and not be held accountable,” West claims.

It is possible that a conservative-ruled state could create its own state. The idea to leave the United States was to create a referendum, namely Texas. I see that liberal and conservative ideologies are not compatible. even though these 2 parties had joined in the era of president Thomas Jefferson, James Knox, James Madison, Jhon Quincy Adams to the 7th president Andrew Jackson. The Independent was the party of the first President George Washington and John Adams of the Massachusetts federalist party. there were also those from the Whig party, Sachary Taylor, William Henry Harison, Martin Van Buren, Jhon Tyler and Millard Fillmore. Union Nation Andrew Jhonson .

According to a Quinnipiac University poll this week, 77% of Republicans believe there was widespread rigging in the November election and about 60% said they considered Biden’s win invalid.

In fact, Biden won 306 Electoral College votes, the same number Trump brought four years ago in what he deemed a landslide. Biden also surpassed Trump by more than 7 million votes nationwide.

With no voice, the 3 judges chosen by Trump would have made the Republican president. I was stuck with this attitude. It’s useless for 6 conservative judges on the US Supreme Court.

Nearly 50 proofs of cooking are all fake or hoaxes. The judge should ask for proof. Kan in the 14th and 12th amendments also exist.

In 1937 alone president Franklin Delano Rosevelt amended article XX of the two-term presidential election. Because the position is only two terms.

To my knowledge, the US presidential and vice presidential candidates are white, anglo saxon, male and christian. One of the Catholic presidents John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas 1963.

Moreover, vice president Kamala Harris is not a native American but the son of an immigrant.

So the argument of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton needs to be heard. The morale of 9 judges is at stake choosing the US election case.

19 state attorney general support and 126 house of representatives support this lawsuit. How could it be without evidence under the Supreme Court.

A number of Supreme Court Justices were selected by Bush including Samuel Alito and Jhon Roberts and Thomas Clerence. well, this US president is closer to Barack Obama than Donald Trump, maybe Bush whispered, so that the conservative judges just kept quiet.

It’s useless for Six conservative judges in US Supreme Court to Three liberal judges. the question is whether they have turned liberal until this election crime case is ignored.

Imagine that 70 percent of the republican supporters support Trump and don’t believe Biden won the presidential election. But the GOP still has many ways to destroy the evil of the Democratic Party election.

Suppose tax evasion and money laundering for Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Even though this news was once raised by the New York Post, all liberal media did not raise this news.

I believe this corruption case will stop Joe Biden’s path to the whote house. Before January 6, the DPR and Senate gather to determine the Electoral College.

A reliable witness admitted that Attorney General William Barr knew about this news, even the FBI, but why didn’t they act. lest there is a conspiracy like Georgian Foreign Minister Brad Reffensperger and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

In fact, Swalwell’s Democratic legislator teamed up with Chinese espionist Fang Fang.

All the bribery and corruption and the crimes of the Democrats will be exposed. as well as the conspiracy of maistrean media and big technology Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube will be exposed.

The media continued to accuse Trump without evidence even though he had nearly 50 evidence but was rejected all in the county and state lower court.

Even if people block the way, God will open the way. If God has chosen Trump, a great and great person whoever will not be able to block and thwart him.

I believe God will step in to destroy the bad people. Don’t be afraid of Trump, they want to fight God.


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